Sunday, February 12, 2012

When Your House Smells of Sick

Wednesday, my children and I came down with a nasty 24 hour stomach bug. As soon as we recovered, I set to cleaning and disinfecting the house before hubby came home. He walked in the door Friday evening and wrinkled his face. He said that he could tell we've been sick. The house smells of sick.

Now it is Sunday evening and hubby caught this illness. Once again, the house stinks of sick. If it wasn't 10 degrees outside, I'd sleep outside it's so stinky, or at least open the windows! How do you minimize or eliminate sick-smell odors in your house without resorting to dangerous chemicals and air fresheners.

As a side note, don't even mention Febreeze to me. It gives hubby and I pounding headaches.


Heather said...

I would suggest leaving out cups of vinegar throughout the house? That kills even the worst of smells like cat urine!!! Or spray things down that were hit with vomit etc. It will help eliminate, not cover up the smell.

Mrs. V. said...

When we first moved into our house, it had been vacant for some time and had a very strong, musty odor. I went to the store and bought a small box of baking soda for each room. I opened them and left them there for some time. It does help absorb some odors. Maybe it will help you with your problem. We're all sick here too...some kind of flu like bug.