Friday, February 03, 2012

Over night cloth diapering

All 3 of my kiddos wear some form of diapering at night. My 5 year old still has accidents. He is the heaviest sleeper I know!! Thankfully, he's starting to grow out of it, so I've replaced his disposable pull ups with Antsy Pants. The Antsy Pants didn't work before. Even with the nighttime doubler for heavy wetters, he'd soak right through it all. He also complained that they hurt him. Now that he's older and wakes upon wetting them, it's not so bad, other than being summoned from bed and having to help him change.

My 3 year old still wets at night, too. She's also a heavy wetter and I have yet to find a cloth solution for her, so she's in disposable pull ups.

My 1 year old is also in disposable diapers at night. He, too is a heavy wetter, and sometimes soaks through his sposies.

I have two problems with cloth diapering at night:

1. Not enough absorption for my heavy wetters.

2. They sleep for 12 hours. That's a long time to have urine-soaked fabric against their skin. My 1 year old gets red and irritated after 2-3 hours in a cloth diaper, let alone 12!

I would still like to figure out a way to cloth them at night. I'm thinking a liner of a mesh a barrier between skin and the urine soaked cloth underneathe....would be the way go. Now, if I can just figure absorption.

Any ideas? Tricks of the trade?


Paul and Annie said...

I have heavy wetters too, but rarely any leaking hen I use:
A. a pocket diaper with an anti wicking strip across the front panel (mine is from kawaii- this style to be exact:
These are great diapers and I am currently using them on my second child, so they are tough!)

B. a hemp liner under a microfiber liner- this is key!

Hope that helps!

Nurturing Faith and Family said...

I have gone thru this countless times too!!! We cloth diaper, have for nearly 4 years, but all 3 kids wear disposables at night. I found some cloth ones that don't leak...but that's not my's 12 hours worth of stink...those cloth diapers REEK in the morning..gross. atleast with the disposables the kids dont stink and they aren't all damp on their skin. we do have to coat both girls in cream and powder though everynight...because 12 hours in a sposie makes our 2 year old red/rash, and our 10month old blister up. if i could find a cloth diaper that doesnt leak, doesnt stink or become horribly saturated and gross by morning..i'd cloth diaper at night too! (and these diapers that we used at night, were brand new, so it wasn't a build-up was just 12 hours a ammonia in a cloth diaper!)


Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

two words...wool liners...they are expensive but SOOOOO worth it! I couldn't cloth diaper my 19 month old daughter through the night cause she'd break out in a rash (the only one of my 5 children to do this...seems that girls REALLY DO have more sensitive skin than boys). The wool wicks away moisture from the skin and the naturally occurring lanolin is a great skin soother.