Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What I Learned from My Hotel Room

This past weekend the entire family, plus a friend from church headed out for a mini-vaca. We stayed for two nights in a two bedroom suite with full kitchen in a favorite hotel. When we arrived home, I found that I missed that hotel suite. It was very relaxing there! I even told my mother on the phone that I wanted to go back to it! Why?

I decided that it was the lack of clutter and only having what we needed with us. I didn't have extra gadgets, appliances, clothes, toys, etc etc etc. Sure, we were on vacation, so that is different from every day life, but it really made me think about all the stuff we have. Do we really need it? Really? It felt really good to be able to sit down and put my feet up because I didn't have a mess to clean up, something to organize, or stuff to put away!

The dishwasher, extra bathroom, and maid service helped, too. ;b

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Jacob Beaty said...

It’s good to go on vacations once in a while. And indeed, hotel rooms are fascinating. But as the saying goes, there’s no place like home. When I’m in someone’s home, I do really miss my own house. I think we feel the same way.

Jacob Beaty