Thursday, February 02, 2012


One thing I'm finding with homeschooling my children is that it is so refreshingly stimulating! I love putting my mind to work organizing their lessons and planning their curriculum. I love coming up with creative projects to do. I love taking time to research their questions.

Being so stimulated has also shown me just how mindless life can be for many. Mindless TV. Mindless Internet. Mindless Video Games. Mindless Movies. Mindless Magazines. Sure, we all need a little break from stimuli with a bit of mindlessness now and again, but mindlessness seems to have become the norm. Mindless day in and day out droning away.

Where's the pursuit of a new hobby? Where's the pursuit of learning something new?

That's what I love about homeschooling. It opens those doors, not only for my children, but myself!

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Nurturing Faith and Family said...

I found the same thing! I love homeschooling. Do you all watch much tv? do the kids? just wondering, it seems most homeschool families dont watch much. have you found this to be true too?