Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Warm, Comforting, Familiar Glow

My childhood memories are dappled with reminiscing about that old kerosene heater we had. Granted, we had two of the rectangle ones, not the round ones like mine above, but I lit mine last night for a warm, comforting, familiar glance into my past.

I remember curling up with my cat in front of the heater. Our old house was often so cold! I remember getting dressed in front of the heater. I devised a way to modestly change clothes so I didn't have to leave that warm glow. I remember evenings where the only light came from the kerosene heaters and the dials on the radio because my parents were trying to save electricity.

I bought a kerosene heater recently when the threat of an early winter storm sent out warnings of loss of electricity. We didn't lose power, thankfully, but I decided to light the heater last night anyway. Oh, what fond memories it brought back. What comfort. What WARMTH!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, that warm comforting glow...we heat our house with a combo of wood and kerosene...we just got a new BLACK kerosene heater this year and I'm LOVING it! :-)