Saturday, November 12, 2011

An Unlikely Vintage TV Housewife to Glean From

Oh, we all hear about Donna Reed or June Cleaver in the vintage housewife blogosphere, but no one talks about Morticia Addams!

Ok ok ok, hear me out!

Feeling very poorly the other day, I lay in bed and started watching reruns of the old Addams Family series. I started to think, "I wish I was more like Morticia." It made me chuckle, and ponder as to why! Certainly, it is not for her darkness and love of all things gloomy and dreary, but a few characteristics did stand out:

1. Morticia and Gomez have an equal and loving.....and sexy relationship. I noticed in other vintage TV shows, the spouses seem to talk down to each other, though very subtly. The husband puts his all knowing foot down, the wife uses her feminine whiles and trickeries. Morticia and Gomez actually discuss on equal plains whatever the issue is. While other TV housewives seem to have a more platonic relationship with their husbands, Gomez and Morticia are obviously madly in love with each other, and unafraid to show it. After all, they don't subscribe to the proprieties of the time. (Although, I was pleased to discover that Morticia strongly believes in purity before marriage as indicated in an early episode.)

2. Morticia is a generous and naturally hospitable woman. It isn't about social airs or schmoozing. She loves hostessing and being generous to people. Granted, you may find yourself drinking henbane tea or taking a lie down in the guest room nail bed, but she's not arrogant, needy or having ulterior motives. If she invites you over to discuss something, she intends to discuss it, not warm you over.

3. Morticia loves her children and they respect her. The back talk in The Donna Reed Show bothered me. She also fights for what she believes is right for her children and she expects them to be well behaved around other people. She admonishes her children to not brag about their better upbringing.

4. Morticia is always busy. Sure, she doesn't mop floors in heels and pearls, but she keeps herself busy. Her hands are never idle, whether it is feeding Cleopatra (her carnivorous plant), supporting her husband's hobby, or knitting in the evenings, Morticia is very industrious.

5. Morticia is generous. She is always making something for someone in the family, usually odd and ugly sweaters.

6. Morticia is never hurried. Of course, she can't move very fast in that slim skirted dress she wears, but she doesn't get flustered and panicked.

Granted, I'm being a bit tongue in cheek, but, still! LOL!


Lori Alexander said...

This was really cute. I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I prefer Morticia's style of feminity...much more down to earth and real...great post!