Monday, November 21, 2011

Crochet Inspiration

I saw this book in my latest catalog from Victorian Trading Company and just HAD to research it more. I popped on over to to get a better look and read reviews. It is now on my wishlist.

The most I've ever been able to crochet is a chain. I tried it as a child and could never figure out how to do anything more beyond a chain. I preferred sewing and cross stitch embroidery. Both came more easily to me. However, this book has inspired me to perhaps try crochet again.

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The Kitchen Witch said...

Oh wow I think I'll be adding this to my wish list as well. I'm trying to get more advanced in crochet myself. I would recommend a blanket or shawl first, using either a double crochet or a half double crochet. Those were the stitches I found easy. I made myself a prayer shawl, it took me three months but it was so worth it! Now I have moved on to headscarves. I found this wonderful link here:

I am having a little trouble because the pattern is more advanced but when I finish it I will tell you how it turned out!