Wednesday, May 18, 2011

They Grow Up So Fast!

My mommy heart is breaking and filled with joy all at the same time!

Last night, my 5 year old and infant couldn't sleep, so I let them join me in the living room while we went through the box of clothing I had stashed away for 5 year old. Not only is it a new season, but he's a new size. Later, while he watched a video about monster trucks, I went through the closet and folded and put away his outgrown clothing. I actually started to cry. Once again, another page turns and my oldest gets older. He's learning how to read. His matchbox dump truck witnesses to his other vehicles (and not just cute Jesus loves you stuff, real meat and potatoes scripture is going on here! I'm in awe!).

My infant, who will officially be a toddler next month, decided that he does not want Mommy to spoon feed him anymore. He's much more content to feed himself. I begrudgingly allow him, not out of fear of messes, but because I simply don't want to give up babying my baby! He's cruising furniture, and speaks several words.

My daughter, though resistant to potty training, is maturing in other ways. She loves to carefully paint. She's very interested in gardening and cooking. She's caring for her baby dolls more and more now. Oh, and suddenly she quite likes the idea of dressing up and being a princess. She was tromping around the house in my dress shoes the other day. When I asked her if she was all grown up, she threw her head back and declared, "No, I a print-tess."

Time is flying by. Even this morning is soaring on past me. So, I better get off this silly computer and go enjoy my family.

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