Saturday, May 28, 2011

Even Yet Another Reason Why I'm Homeschooling

Caps and gowns for pre-K "graduates"?!!! Really?! Ok, I know. It's adorable. It's sweet. It's even more money out of mom and dad's pockets for the sake of some feel good thing. It also takes away from the specialness of wearing a cap and gown for high school graduation. It's also just a bit, well, unnecessary. Granted, my kids aren't even going t pre-K, or kindergarten for that matter. We're doing informal homeschooling up until 1st grade when we have to register with the school district and keep records and have a set curriculum. But, REALLY?!!

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Mrs. D said...

When I hear of these districts holding cap and gown graduations for kindergarten I feel nothing but pitty for them. Even in the more affluent districts, these days, it's the only graduation these kids will ever know. The schools know this and that's why you get all the fuss.

Sad, just very sad.

And they wonder why kids go out into the world thinking somebody owes them something for nothing. Maybe they shouldn't give them the graduation before they achieve something! YOU THINK?