Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Return to Homemade

Still not allowing me to post pictures! Sheesh!

Anyhow, I've recently felt the need to return to making more homemade things. As the economy dips and gas prices rise ($4.09 yesterday when I put gas in), we have to find ways to save somehow. Not to mention homemade usually equals healthier.

I've been wanting to do more homemade things for a while now, but I thought of all the time "wasted" in the kitchen, away from my children. So, I just spent the extra money at the grocery story buying convenience, but I soon tired of spending so much time grocery shopping (away from my children because my mother kindly watches them for me while I grocery shop) AND spending SO MUCH money!

When I ran out of bread, I dreaded heading back to the supermarket just to buy bread. So, I started hauling out bags of flour. Soon, I heard the scraping of the child's chair behind me as my daughter pushed it to the counter to help. Making the bread didn't take as long as I thought AND I got to spend quality time with my daughter. My son joined in, too, the baby either napping or nearby. We added kefir, buckwheat spaghetti, and violet jelly to the menu. Homemade soups, yogurt, and cookies are on the agenda, too.

I thought I'd be spending time away from my children, when I'm spending amazing quality time WITH them in our homemade endeavors! I even started sewing again. And while they can't join me with needle and thread just yet, they enjoy getting measured and fitted.

Gardening and caring for our ducks are other fun things we're doing more at home!

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