Monday, October 25, 2010

Stocking the Pantry

I usually come away with a well-stocked pantry from my garden, but it just didn't work out this year. Regardless, I want to enter this winter with a well-stocked pantry. Hauling 3 very young kiddos out in the snow, wind and cold to hop from store to store to grocery shop every week is NOT fun. Thankfully, November is a great month to stock a pantry. As the holidays approach, grocery stores have some great sales and bargains to take advantage of!

Are you stocking your pantry? What do you consider absolute essentials?


Mimi said...

This is the first year I've really gotten it all organized and pretty.

Heather said...

I usually stock all kinds of non-perishables but recently found a store delivery place called peapod dot com. THey only deliver in a few areas, but man, it's wonderful! Got our first delivery Sunday and I am soooooo excited not to have to go out in the winter for big stockups! Same with friends that have infants!

Suzanne said...

All my baking supplies and pasta and a few jars of Classico Four Cheese. I keep cans of puree, crushed and paste but when I don't have every thing to make homemade gravy then the jar in a pinch is good. We also buy half a cow and have it butchered to my specifications and the freezer is full this way:-)

Donna said...

Ah you are right!
Even butter will be on sale this month- hopefully!