Friday, October 15, 2010

Our October in Pictures

A great way to get my veggie-hating daughter to eat veggies is to mash it with an electric hand mixer and let her lick the paddles clean. In this case, it is acorn squash from our garden.

Someone snuck out of the pack-n-play at Grandma's house and covered herself in Grandma's cold cream. I do believe this child has stealth in her blood.

Don'tcha just love staring at sleeping babies!?

Oops, forgot to turn this right way up. This is what happens when a teenage girl gets a hold of a 2 year old girl....nails get done. In this case, it's John Deere yellow and green.

Big brother reading book after book to baby brother.
My daughter helping mommy by winding the cord onto the vacuum.
Happy 4 months old today and fresh out of the bath!

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