Saturday, October 02, 2010

Beautiful Day!

We had a LOT of rain here this week, especially the last two days. My basement got quite wet. The children's play are was completely soaked and that's usually the driest spot in the basement! Their rug was saturated. Thankfully, it's one of those indoor/outdoor rugs. I really didn't mind having to haul things out of there. It's a great reason to clean up and redo. I also was able to sell that huge TV we have down there. That adds a lot of space!

In the kitchen today, I made raw goat's milk cheese. It turned out so well! I'm so pleased! Whole Wheat Pumpkin Currant Oatmeal cookies are baking as I type. In a few minutes, I will start heating up milk for another batch of yogurt. There's flour soaking in buttermilk for another loaf of bread.

Outside, we all went to the farm to pick up a bale of straw to spread in the dog's kennel. All this rain turned it into a muddy, stinky mess. Now, when you walk out the back door you smell straw! During Baby Boy and Daughter's nap time, Big Brother and I pulled all the acorn squash vines out of the garden. There were a LOT of acorn squashes. I'll be giving some away.

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