Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!

My son and daughter being chrysalises.
Little children want to play!

The sandpile stands cold, wet and lonely in the back yard. The picture window bears little, puggy nose prints from children staring into the rain, willing the sun to shine. Mother does her best to keep her little ones occupied, knowing full well that winter approaches and indoor living will be the norm.

She wonders, "Do children get more dirty indoors or out?"

Indoors, they help Mother bake and paint picture after picture. It isn't long before flour dusts them and poster paint tattoos adorn their soft skin. Outdoors, it is mud and sand, grass stains and frog germs. The bath runs more often.

The television looks tempting. Just turn it on and be done with it, but Mother's heart is pricked. She knows the benefit is limited. Television makes the children restless and more likely to act up. They get tired, but not sleepy. Their imaginations get dulled so playing with toy blocks or playdoh seems a challenge. What's more challenging? Giving into immediate gratification and turning on the television, only to suffer the whining consequences later? Or, keep on with the child training? She chooses the latter, despite the hard work and delays in chores and toys everywhere; saving television for when she cooks dinner. A special treat.

But, oh for a walk in the fresh, cool, autumn air. Preschooler in the front of the stroller, toddler in back and baby strapped to her chest, she looks forward to it. When. Even the weatherman seems not to know.

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