Thursday, October 07, 2010

Cloth takes $$ to save $$

I really wish I knew how much I've spent on disposables because the initial cost of cloth diapers is rather steep. I have used inexpensive prefolds and have even made my own, but they all require those vinyl over pants. It wasn't bad when my oldest was born because I could get the vinyls at the local Walmart. Unfortunately, after much use, they've torn. I bought replacements only to find them replaced with a newer version of a horrible quality. Some even ripped the first time they were washed. They also retain a nasty urine odor that's tough to get out (vinegar helps) and they leave deep, red elastic marks on my kiddos' thighs.

So, I do believe it was time to finally break down and buy some decent cloth diapers. After all, I reasoned, my oldest will probably be bedwetting for at least another year. My daughter is still in diapers and shows no interest in potty training. My youngest has a legacy of diapering still ahead of him and we plan on having at least one more child.

So, I purchased 6 Fuzzi Bunz (3 small, 3 medium.) Thankfully, Fuzzi Bunz is having a sale and marked some of their diapers down to $14.95. Plus, I got free shipping! I also purchased 6 Antzy Pants ( with 3 nighttime inserts. I got all gender-neutral colors. The medium Fuzzi Bunz might actually fit my daughter, so she can use them until Baby Boy grows out of the smalls. The Antzy Pants should fit both my Son and Daughter. I do laundry every other day anyway, so hopefully this lot will pull us through with minimal use of disposables. (I also still have my stash of prefolds and homemades as well as one Grovia and one Grovia knock-off). I would like to get more Grovias, but we'll see how the Fuzzi Bunz work out.

I have to admit, the initial cost was hard to swallow, but consider this:

1 package pull-ups for oldest boy: approx. $15.00
1 value box diapers for daughter: approx. $15.00
4 packages diapers for son: approx: $25.00

That's $55.00 a month for diapers. I spent approx. $250.00. Counting in supplementary disposables here and there, I'll have the cloths paid for in 5-6 months!

Ok, now I feel better.


Paul and Annie said...

I am planning on cloth diapering when are new little one arrives in April. I've been doing a lot of research and love fuzzi bunz, but I've been struggling with the cost. I've found some some really positive reviews for Kawaii diaper that are made in Canada, are similar to Bum Genius/Fuzzi Bunz and are sold on the website for 67.50 for 10!!! And I've seen free shipping deals.

I've heard that they sometimes sell on ebay for as little as $4 each.

People really seem to love them and they don't seem to be shabbily made. I've googled a video review of them by a mom who uses them and I was impressed.

Hope this helps!

Michelle - Blessed Mom of 4 said...

We switched to cloth with our 3rd and now have 2 in diapers and it has saved us a ton of money also. Another way you can try to get diapers is by entering giveaways. There are tons of them out there on different blogs and I have built a decent stash just by doing that. It takes a little time, but it is worth it.
I have read that quite a few people have trouble using ebay because they just get knockoffs instead of the real thing they thought they were getting. So be careful if you shop there for diapers.
If your diapers are still in good shape when you are done using them, you can resell them and that will help reduce your costs even more!
Hope you find what works for you!

Kari said...

I've been using cloth diapers since my 19 y/o son was a newborn!

I'm a very frugal mama and still use chinese prefolds and pull-on covers.

I do, however, buy nylon covers from a mail-order company, GVS (you can request a catalog by calling 1-800-398-2494).

I added up our cost (recent batch) and I paid less than $200 for diapers and covers in various sizes. I have enough on hand that I can go 3 days between washings, too!

Cloth diapering can be VERY inexpensive and it's easy once you figure it out.

Kelli said...

It's definately worth it to cloth diaper! We started a year ago with Bum Genius and recently I got discouraged about having to replace the velcro. BUT, I discovered how to replace the velcro for $1.00 per diaper and it just takes a few evenings of some sewing to replace it. TOTALLY worth it versus buying disposables. I did a blog post on my blog on how to replace the velcro if you ever need it. :)
Cheers to cloth!

Anonymous said...

I have found that good quality prefolds and nice covers do the trick for us. We do not have a lot of money for diapers and therefore have chosen the cheapest method of cloth diapering, but decided to put the money into the quality. We get our prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers ( they are wonderful. I have used both Thirsties-Duo and Bummis Super-Brite covers and love them both, but find that the Super-Brite fit better for a moving infant.
The prefolds are great and the ones that have already been outgrown are in perfect condition (with sun bleaching the stains) for the next child. I do think we will get new covers for each child, which are about $13 a piece and we rotate 3-4.

There are so many different ways to cloth diaper, and one can certainly spend TONS of money on all the different styles. This is what works for us and it has been very economical. Good luck!