Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tidying and organization

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I spent a good half an hour in Target hemming and hawing about which storage unit to purchase. Should I get the metal shelves that cost more than I was planning on spending, or should I get the Sterilite drawers that I could stack and cost much less? I finally settled on the drawers since I could stack them, they already offered enclosed storage and they're made in America. If I went ahead and bought the metal shelving, I would have still had to purchase loads of boxes with lids.

The purpose of all this is to make room in the children's room and closet by removing many of their toys to designated storage in the basement play area. I'm already pleased with the results. This morning my son followed me downstairs as I started a load of laundry and was thrilled to explore the drawers. He settled on pulling out the drawer of plastic revolutionary war soldiers and dinosaurs and playing a game where the soldiers kill the dinosaurs. (He has it made up in his own mind that the reason the dinosaurs are extinct are because his Daddy shot them and killed them!) Easy-peasy for for little guy to clean up and with a little help from mommy, put the drawer back in it's slot.

We are experiencing our annual January thaw and I must say it's quite refreshing. I'm also pleased because this temporary respite from winter warms the enclosed porch up enough that I can tackle some tiding. It tends to become a catch-all in the wintertime, especially as I go through my yearly household purge and pile the "get rid of" piles in the porch until Spring when they can go in a garage sale.

Well, now that I've given the porch a chance to warm, I best get on with it.

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