Friday, January 29, 2010

Thanks for Sharing...

The title of this post is sarcastic in tone. I know that today's culture and society aren't conducive to someone staying home while ill or contagious, but I wish they would! Someone was careless enough to be out and about sick and passed it on to my daughter and the disease ripped through this household like a tornado. We're all STILL sick. What gets me mad is that I was SO sick the other night that I should have gone to the hospital, but hubby was away at work and I was too sick to get to the phone. This careless person could have harmed my unborn baby. As it is, I'm still quite ill. Thankfully, my mother came to care for the children so I could rest. She wore a surgical mask and we practiced careful sanitation. Despite how sick I was/am I wouldn't let her change any diapers.

I am saddened on two counts:

1. That today's culture and society don't make it easy for someone to stay home and recover. Have you ever cringed at the check-out line because the cashier obviously has a bad cold? I remember having to drag my sick self to Walmart (when I worked there) because they would threaten me if I called in sick or spread rumors that I was just goofing off.

2. That so many women work, whether willingly or forced to financially so it is hard for someone to find help in their time of need. Thankfully, my Mom was able to alter her schedule to come lend a hand. I hope that when I am older I will be able to be available for my family and friends to help them when they need it.

And for those who may be wondering, yes I called the doctor. They said it's viral and let it run it's course. So long as the fever doesn't get above 102 and we don't get dehydrated, we should be fine. I wish doctors still made house calls, though, because I can't be away from the bathroom for too long, otherwise, I would go to the office anyway.

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