Monday, January 25, 2010

Strange Changes

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Mud, wind, rain and hardly any snow this morning. It feels more like March than January. While I don't mind this early spring teaser when we should be buried in 3 feet of snow and dealing with temperatures in the teens, I wonder what the rest of winter will bring.....and summer. With such a lack of snow (we haven't had a storm yet) we could face a drought. Will we be more temperate this year instead of the usual extremes of arctic in winter and tropics in summer? How will all this affect the farming industry and my own little garden? Is this milder weather the cause of so much sickness going around?

Yesterday my daughter caught a stomach bug. She was tired, listless, feverish and vomiting. She even put herself to bed at 6pm. Looks like it is just one of those random 24 hour bugs, though. She's much improved this morning. My son, on the other hand, has just started his 24 hour marathon. I'm praying I'm not next. Fevers and vomiting and taking care of two recovering children while pregnant is not exactly my cup of tea. Here's hoping the power doesn't go out with all this wind.

It's pajamas and camping out on the living room floor today.

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Salomé said...

Thanks for your beautiful comment over at Feelin' Feminine.
I LOVE singing, not so sure if I'm that great at it, but the songs just pour out of me.
I too wasted it for a long time, bu thankfully God was merciful to me.
Take care. :)