Monday, January 18, 2010

For Us Girls

I've been feeling the tug more lately. I have mentioned before my desire to give my daughter her own feminine space. Now, I know this isn't the be-all-end-all of her feminine development. Daily, I can marvel at the natural femininity God placed within her as soon as she was conceived. For example, the other day she joined her brother on the floor to play with his toy cars, trucks and tractors. My son has one of those little area rugs that has a scene on it, roads with houses, a farm, police station, school, gas station, post office, firehouse, etc. While my son raced his toy cars with an emphasis on noise and possible accidents, my daughter carefully guided the toy car in her possession along the roads as if running little motherly errands just as I do. While my son and daughter both play with her dolly, their roles in play are naturally different. A male family member teased my son for pushing dolly in the little stroller as if we were harming his masculinity. My husband responded, "He's practicing to be a good daddy." After all, my own dear husband is one of the most masculine men I know, yet he proudly owns his own diaper bag! (It's camo.)

Anyhow, I've gotten a bit off topic. Yes, I'd love to give my daughter a little place of her own. After all, since we only have 2 bedrooms, she shares a room with her brother. But the room is pretty much her brother's room. I've decided to relinquish my sole possession of our sun porch. This spring when the sun warms it again I will transform it into a girlish sanctuary for my wee little miss. Although, if it's in the Lord's plans, it would be quite nice to have that second story put on the house and then my little girl would have her own room! That is, unless she has a baby sister.....but it would still the "the girls' room."


Claire said...

Having a feminine sanctuary for your little lady sounds like a wonderful idea -- a place for the two of you to just be girls :)

Hunter said...

I love the response that your husband gave about practicing to be a good daddy. Too many young boys are teased these days about playing with girls toys. I think that is a huge issue for them and I think that is why we have so many confused males in this world today. Your husband is a very good daddy for sticking up for your little one in that way. Kudos for him!

God Bless.