Saturday, September 26, 2009

Taigh Beag Sgoil ~ Home Education

I’m learning a bit more about the Montessori Method and I like it. I’ve also been introduced to Waldorf, Classical, and soon will be borrowing Charlotte Mason. They’re all intriguing and a mother could go nuts wondering which one is best for her child. I’m not worried about that. I take what I like and can apply with my littles and off I go.
I’m finding home education for my children extremely rewarding for myself. I’m more relaxed. I enjoy seeing my children explore and discover. I also love the creativity it affords me! I love coming up with lesson ideas. Last night I decided that next week I’ll let my son cut and paste a collage (he’ll be learning the letter C). I’m eager to see what he comes up with. Will he cut and paste at random? Or will he select pictures? Will he butcher with his scissors? Or will he carefully cut out what he wants? Will he be bored quickly? Or will he fill up the paper?
My 16 month old daughter is picking up on things, too. She’s more interested in scribbling and less interested in eating the crayons. When son and I are at the table, she wants to join in. Today, she carefully concentrated on the sewing card I let her try. I showed her how it works and she absorbed herself in figuring out the fine motor skill of poking the thread into the premade holes. I wanted to keep butting in, but I held back and was amazed at how she tried different methods of holding the thread to find the best way to put it through the hole.
I’m fairly bursting with ideas!

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