Saturday, September 26, 2009

Books. Comfortable Books.

I’ve been organizing and cleaning the little area in the basement that’ll be used as the main school room for homeschooling. As part of my organization, I had to go through the piles of books I had on these shelves and get the arranged. Many of them are very old from the early 20th century to the 1950’s with at least one from the 1870’s. I have even more books in the living room and dining room that’ll be used for homeschooling. Many of them are antiques.
I love that in decades past there were so many readers. In today’s schools everything is so visual. Back in one room schoolhouses, they used readers. I have readers that just cover reading. I have readers that cover science, history, creative thought, art, health, gardening and even math (which is charmingly called arithmatic in these books). I have readers that are gender specific.
Personally, I’m thankful for a couple of books that address grammar. My grammar isn’t what it could be for it was briefly covered by a lovely older teacher who fought against a system that dismissed the basics.
The classical education system encourages reading as much as possible. I plan on doing just that along with plenty of hands-on fun.

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