Sunday, May 10, 2009

More Plants, Furnishing on the Cheap

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday, I went to a local greenhouse and purchased even more plants! The greenhouse is run by a conservative Christian family and they have a huge variety and very good prices. I purchased flowers, herbs and Amish paste tomatoes and only spent just over $33.00. I wish I went to them first, but am keeping them in mind for next year.

I got some alone-time today as I took an hour drive round trip to pick up a chiffarobe I purchased off of craigslist. I paid $45.00 for it. On the way home it dawned on me that most of my house is furnished on the cheap. I like to buy things off craigslist, or I scour garage sales, antique stores, Goodwill, or just get blessed with gifts and giveaways. Sure, I have a mishmosh of items, but it works.

The chiffarobe is going to be used for storage of things like music, art supplies, stationary, my exercise equipment, CD's and such. It's in the living room. It looks a little daunting because it's big and dark. I don't think it would be too bad except that we already have a big, dark armoire that holds the TV in the very same room. It's not a big living room, so they kind of compete. To remedy this, in the future, I may paint the chiffarobe the same color as the walls. This'll help it blend in and not stand out so much.

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