Friday, May 29, 2009

A bunch of stuff.....

This past Memorial Day was my daughter's birthday party. She's a year old already and growing so fast. She doesn't walk yet, but she's already talking! I'm not kidding, either. She says, "Hi, Dad" when hubby gets her up in the morning and "Thank you" when she hands you something or takes something from you. She also has a very cute and growly, "Yeah, Daddy" when she's being silly. Here's a picture of her and the ladybug cake I made her.

There were lots of families there....mommies, daddies, kiddos and BABIES! I'm on the right carrying my daughter and my friend is on the left carrying her daughter who'll be a year old towards the end of summer. I love that we have a circle of friends and family who've all had babies around the same time. Hubby was teasing us in this picture because we both have the "Mommy Hip" jutted out to support our bairns.
It was a grand picnic, but it wiped us out. My bronchitis returned and I'm worn out. I went to the greenhouse today and bought two Echinacea plants for my herb garden. However, I found out that the roots are the best thing to use and the flowers are next. It's going to be a while before I can harvest either, so it looks like I still have to hit the store for some capsules.
My mom gave me her old writing desk. At first I didn't know where to put it in our tiny little cottage, but it now has a home in my front porch looking out the big windows. Rather than fill it with bills and bank statements, I'm going to leave those elsewhere and fill the desk with stationary, journals and art supplies. It's going to be my haven. I want to get one of those desk toppers from Victorian Trading Company and I can't decided between a really feminine desk lamp or the frog lamp I saw at Lowes that I fell in love with.
I am just holding my breath in anticipation of God's movement in our lives. Excitement is just vibrating everywhere like a child on Christmas Eve. Hubby has so many applications out and in other areas God has presented us with a few things. However, it's a test of faith because we're being made to endure some things and we're pretty much broke. We can ONLY rely on Him and trust in Him. I'm not sad about it. I'm excited! I'm kinda like, "Bring it on!"

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Bethgem said...

Happy birthday, baby girl! That cake is quite impressive.