Saturday, January 03, 2009

What to do while in limbo

Hubby and I are in limbo while we wait to hear from the foreman who might hire him. I'm also waiting to hear from the real estate agent who's selling the house we're interested in.

Limbo can be really difficult. I'm doing my best not to get impatient and have decided to just go ahead with the things I've been wanting to do. Any home improvement project, after all, will only add to the value of the house if we sell and move. If not, we'll have a nicer home to enjoy here.

If we don't move, hubby and I are up against another wall. It's just so expensive to live here that we won't be able to afford to second storey on the house even if we did most of it ourselves. It'll take quite the mustard seed of faith to figure out how to fit our growing family in such a small home.

I have a few ideas. One is turn the enclosed porch into a bunk room. I don't like this idea because it is too easily accessed from the outdoors. Bad people could break in and boys could escape. The second is squeeze hubby and I into the kids' room and give them kids our master bedroom. However, that'll only work until puberty kicks in and privacy becomes a greater need. The third is to knock out the ceiling of the dining room and turn the attic into a sleeping loft accessed by a ladder. The problem with this idea is I'm not sure it is legal according to homeowners and building codes. The other problem is the only place you can stand straight up in the attic is at the peak.

We can't add out because our property is too difficult in terrain to handle it AND it requires extra by way of zoning AND it jacks property taxes WAY up.

It wouldn't be so bad if our politicians weren't so corrupt and wasteful and choking every last penny out of us! People say, "Well you voted them in." As a matter of fact, I didn't. I voted for the guys that didn't make it.

Oh, to have answers now.

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MomAtHome said...

I hope you figure something out! I always vote for the other guy too.