Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Computer Needed, Will the real USA please stand up, my diet

I'm in prayer for a new computer. This one is so old and diseased and slow, it's such a time waster! Besides, it's not even mine. It was supposed to be a short-term loan that went on and on and on. It's an old network computer that sometimes still thinks it is hooked up to a network.

I would love a laptop. We live in a small house, so the smaller the computer the better.

The local radio station advertises a website where you can apply for a free laptop. I'm leary of it because, crazy or not, I feel like if I get one of these free laptops, it'll have some sort of government scan chip in it to spy on me. Maybe I'm looney, but maybe I'm not! Tee hee.

So tell me...which states have considered separating from the Obama-run United States and want to return to the Constitution? I want to get on board and move to this "Jesus Land" or whatever they're going to call it this new nation. Frankly, if we had secession even during the Bush administration, hubby and I would have booked for "Jesus Land" or what have you.

I lost a pound last week. This week I haven't been able to exercise because I have a cold. I'm too run down. This week, I am making a concerted effort to not eat sweets and treats. As a result, my cravings are killing me and at random I smell goodies like apple pie. I can pass up candy, no problem. But I'm a pastry-buff. I did promise myself that when I get pregnant again, I can treat myself to a donut or a generous hunk of coconut creme pie...oooohhh or maybe a cheese danish! When I was preggers with my daughter, almost every time I picked up milk, I would grab a cheese danish! See! I'm half-crazed! This convinces me that sugar is a drug! I'm having sugar withdrawls!

I have noticed that my portions are much smaller now. I also can more easily pass up snacking and I recognize when I'm thirsty. (I used to read thirst as hunger and then grab something to eat rather than a glass of water.)


Sheena said...

interesting blog you have....

MotherChick said...

Oh! I know all about how addicting sugar can be, I am also trying to wean myself off it! When I was a teen, I was a complete health nut, I never allowed myself to eat much candy, and after not eating it for so long,I didn't think it tasted good at all! but now, after eating more and more with each pregnancy, I am a sugar crazed fiend!

As far as the laptop goes, I agree, beware Trojans bearing
gifts right?

roc said...

I can't for some reason give up soda. I just love the very very very sweet taste. I know I have problems. LOL!! I know if I could give it up, I would lose more weight.

Sharon said...

After reading about all the bad things caffeine does to you on westonaprice.org I decided to give it up(I'm trying). It's nice to know I'm not the only one fighting cravings.Misery loves company.