Thursday, January 22, 2009

Closer to God's Creation

In this past Sunday's paper, there was an article about a local family that lives as self-sustaining as they possibly can right now. They have 50 acres of land and grow their own food, including fish ponds. They harvest their own timber, live in an environmentally-friendly house, cloth diaper, etc. They hope to live "off the grid" in the coming years.

The article intrigued me. I have always been drawn to a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Frankly, it drives me crazy to spend so much money on groceries. I keep thinking, "I could grow/raise this!" I do, to a point, and expand upon it every year.

I made bread today out of animal grade wheat from the farm next door to me. It was delicious. Why should I pay nearly $5.00 a bag of wheat flour when I get get a 50 pound bag of wheat berries for much cheaper at the feed mill and grind it myself!?

Cottage Living magazine is no longer being published. I'm being reimbursed by the company and am now looking for a magazine to replace it. So far, I've looked into Cottages & Bungalows and Romantic Homes. I'm leaning towards Cottages & Bungalows. Romantic Homes is too romantic for my taste. Cottages & Bungalows is more up my alley. Any other suggestions?

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Mimi said...

Country Living or for the sustainability - Mother Earth News.