Monday, February 05, 2007

Why I Want to Homeschool Reasons #9 and #10

I heard on the radio today that 21% of parents and 27% of students believe that spelling should not be taught in schools anymore because computers have spell-check. Now, how ridiculous is that!? Spelling is fundamentally important AND spell-check doesn't always catch errors. Also, we can't rely on technology for everything.

Frankly, I rarely use spell-check, which may be evident in my spelling on this blog. Yes, one never stops learning! ;)

I really believe that America's fight for education needs to back up and return to the basics and classical education. There are far too many general "extras" in public schools today...which leads me to my next reason.

I read in the paper that locally there was a big Math-a-thon type thing where students from all over the state competed in mathematics. 100 area homeschoolers attended and basically kicked rear. A local public school teacher involved tried to explain why the homeschoolers did so much better than public schoolers while at the same time trying to make homeschooling look like a bad idea. She said (paraphrased) that homeschoolers aren't as distracted as public schoolers by all the extras that public schools offer. However, public schoolers are at an advantage because they know how to cooperate and work in groups whereas homeschoolers can only work on problems individually. Ummmm.....EVERY homeschooler I know works very well in groups and actually surpasses in social skills over the average teenager today.



prayzgod said...

From my personal experience of going to public school, then homeschooling myself through highschool through ages 16-18, is that school creates an artifical social structure, and does NOT prepeare a child for the real world.

Public school was so wishy washy and liberal, that I wasn't very excited about life at all.

When I got out into the REAL world, I literally thought THANK GOD! The real world is WAY better than that prison/torture place called "public school."

Dooce Fan! said...

I think that people should learn to take the good with the bad not unlike the red and white sides of a tylenol. Hugs!

Julie said...

My children have really excelled since leaving public school a little less than a year ago. I think they are actually a lot more social since leaving and Im amazed at what they have learned which is funny because Im the teacher. :)