Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Gone Green, New Bed

I ultimate defiance of winter, I've gone green. I felt like my blog needed a lighter look to it. I hope when I get my borrowed computer that I'll be able to add some pictures, update links, etc.

Well, my dear hubby surprised me the other day by buying us a new bed. It's a Louis XIV style in dark wood. I love it because not only is it beautiful, but it sits high. I like high beds. I like to be able to see the floor under the bed and not have anything under it. I like having to hoist myself up into bed. Now I feel I have a real bed!

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Julie said...

I bet your bed is just gorgeous! I dont know if I want a bed I can see under. Of course our bed just sits on the floor right now, which I hate, so hey maybe one I could see under would be a big relief.