Thursday, February 06, 2014

Sweet On Snapshots Vintage Photoshoot!

I recently had a vintage photoshoot done with Sweet On Snapshots at Aunt Katie's Attic.  Here are some of the photographs:

Not liking what I'm hearing!
I love that Chaise, though.  I want it!

My curls actually stayed in!
The coat is mine.  It is vintage seal fur!  I bought it on Ebay nearly a decade ago.  I may have to buy that hat, though.
Did I mention that I LOVE that coat?

There's that suit!

What to make for dinner?  Isn't that apron divine?  The waistband of it is velvet!  Available at Aunt Katie's Attic, along with the phone above, the cookbook and the whisk.

This one is my favorite.  It was totally a candid shot, not posed as the cat wouldn't cooperate, but it came out so well!  I feel so vintage movie star-ish in this one.  I know I don't have that pin-up face (roundish, button nose, straight hairline), but this is just so much fun to do!!

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Erika Keller said...

I absolutely love all your photos. You look like you're really in the 50s and having a blast!