Friday, February 07, 2014

My Own Little Corner

As our family grew and our little cottage...well...didn't grow, I pretty much lost my little corners to myself, giving them up for the needs of a growing family.  Unfortunately, my introverted need for my own space and quiet is still here.  Like the lady in the etching (Susanna Wesley?), I need my "apron over my head" time.

So, hubby and I decided that the play area in the basement I made for our daughter (who never uses it now that she has her own bedroom) shall be transformed into mom's retreat.

Let's see if I am able to snag that pink chaise from my photoshoot for that area.  Oooohhh...and to shop for a retro-looking indoor/outdoor rug!  Hmmmm....I may have to ask hubby to do some rewiring so I can have a small chandelier and a power strip for my sewing machine and other do-dads.  Is there enough room for a TV and DVD player so I can exercise down here?

I'm going to have fun planning this!

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