Saturday, February 15, 2014

Brazilian Orange Cake

I had a small basket of Cara Cara oranges and tangerines getting past their snacking prime.  I hated the idea of throwing them away, so I started pouring over my cookbooks for a recipe for an orange cake that uses just the juice, not the rind.  
In The Illustrated Encyclopedia of American Cooking (The Southwestern Company, 1986)
I found the Brazilian Orange Cake.

The cake is made with orange juice (freshly squeezed from my thin-skinned citrus), eggs (separated, but both parts used), flour, sugar baking powder and vanilla.

The recipe does not indicate the use of any sort of frosting, so I made my own out of heavy cream.
I whipped the cream with a bit of cream of tartar, powdered sugar and vanilla.  I topped half the cake with the whipped cream and shredded coconut and left the other half I left just the whipped cream.

It was moist, soft, delicious, not very orange-y, and a hit.  

There is nothing like a homemade cake.

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