Thursday, January 17, 2013

Worship Music to Work Out To

Three things:

1. I don't always like to follow workout videos.  Sometimes, I just like to dance like a fool alone in my basement.

2.  Upbeat music is a need, but the workout station I typed into Pandora only seems to play music about the guy singer trying to get laid, usually in some brutal, disrespectful, using, objectifying way to women.  Hey, guys!  God called you to PROTECT women, not abuse them!

3. I'm a multi-tasker.  I'm almost always doing at least two things at once.

Therefore, working out to worship music seemed like a great idea....but it can be hard to find worship music that has a beat upbeat enough to get a good sweat going.

Here's what I've found:

I also find Kari Jobe's "Steady My Heart" a great warm-up or cool down song in both exercise and worshipping!

And my children's favorite:  "Days of Elijah."

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