Monday, January 07, 2013

I resolve....

A week late, I know, but I only have one resolution this year:

I resolve to live more deliberately.

That means that I take more notice and more focus on all aspects of my life.  It covers grounds such as:

Taking time to read the Bible and pray.
Can something be reused, refashioned, repurposed or recycled before throwing it away?
What can my children learn from this?
Do I really need to buy this?
I can either sit here and surf the net or get up and wash the dishes and go to bed more fulfilled.
What can I learn from this?
Is this just me reacting wrongly or are my red flags/offenses taken justified?
Taking every thought captive.
What needs accomplishing today?  Right now?  Later?  Or not at all?
How can I make good use of the time and resources I have at hand?

I spent much of 2012 in "survival mode" as I dealt with a difficult pregnancy and an emotionally and mentally difficult post partum.  I'm ready for a change up!

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