Thursday, January 03, 2013

Out With The Old!

All it took was $2.00 and a few minutes, but I finally did it!  I finally got rid of all those junky, flimsy dry cleaning and store stock hangers in hubby and I's closet.  They were replaced with uniform, plastic ones from Target.

It's amazing how such a little thing can bring a sense of organization to a home....or at least a closet.  The tangle of twisted, wirey metal, sagging shirt shoulders and lack of uniformity was annoying and really did add to a sense of disorganization and messiness.

Now, those old hangers will be recycled and I move on to the next organization project!

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Erika Keller said...

When we moved I also got rid of the metal hangers. Unfortunately I am finding that some of my older plastic hangers are breaking. Now I am replacing them with thicker metal/cloth covered hangers from Marshall's. They are great for reenacting clothing since it won't slide off the hanger. But much more expensive.