Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day/Birth Story

Happy Father's Day to my dear husband who is an excellent, loving, supportive, hardworking, caring, fun-loving, endearing father to our children.

Anyhow, I decided to post my birth story here:

Monday, I felt great! I cleaned the house in preparation for our son's arrival and spent part of the evening praying with a friend of mine that we may both go into labor soon and avoid being induced. By the way, both our prayers were answered. I went to bed around 10 pm and was just drifting off the sleep when my pants felt wet. I thought, "you've got to be kidding me!" You see, I was hoping the baby would arrive later that week. Hubby was working out of town and had just left Sunday evening. After some double checking, I called hubby, called my parents and called the hospital. They wanted me to come right in.

So, off we go to the hospital. I prayed hubby would make it in time for the delivery since he had quite a drive. At the hospital, I wasn't having any contractions (just cramps) so I registered myself and walked to L&D. They sent me to my room and got me in my hospital gown. My nurse kept looking at me like I was just a crazy, pregnant woman over-reacting about peeing my pants. She checked my cervix and it was still only 2 cm dilated and only about 50%...maybe 60% effaced. However, the gush that followed the exam and the subsequent positive test on the swab confirmed that I didn't just pee my pants but had broken waters.

Soooo......I was set up for possible pitocin. After all, I wasn't acting as if I was in labor at all. She did confirm that my cramps were registering as actual, strong contractions and I had hope that this labor wouldn't be so bad. I admit, I was getting frustrated at how long it was taking! My daughter was born in less than 3 hours after all.

The act of God in all this was I was sitting on the hospital bed talking to the nurse when I saw a familiar pair of black boots appear beneathe the privacy curtain. "He's here!" I exclaimed as hubby walked into the room and gave me a big kiss. Immediately, real contractions started. It still took longer than I thought, but I was able to walk and talk up until 6-7 cm. By 7, I had to sit on the side of the bed, wiggle my legs and breathe.

I called my nurse when a contraction felt "pushy." She checked me. 8 cm. The next contraction felt pushier, but I waited a few more before calling her again. I could feel the head bearing down. She checked me again. Almost there, call the doc. He'd check me soon. The other nurse just stared at me as I looked up and smiled a big smile at her. By now, they had me in the bed, reclined (crazy enough, I actually don't mind birthing in this position). The doctor checked me and said there's just a little bit of cervix left. However, my body was CLEARLY telling me to push. So I pushed only enough and then I (and everyone else knew) it was time. I had a big ol' push contraction that I actually didn't have to force myself to push too much through. My body kinda did it on its own! The doc announces, next contraction we're going to have this baby. All righty, I thought. Here I go! Big ol' grunty pushing through this contraction (thank God it was a long, strong one) and a quick little scream as the head crowned and baby boy was out! All the doc had to do was push the opening a little and catch the baby. The nurse just stood by the bassinet waiting for the baby. She remarked later that she wished all mothers birthed like me, but then she'd be out of a job. She also said that natural births were very VERY rare in that hospital. Most women get induced (and even more rare is the woman who induces without pain meds. OUCH!) or get epidurals right away. I guess one woman who was laboring the same time as me tried going naturally and ended up screaming bloody murder.

Before anyone thinks I'm some snob for being able to birth naturally, let me tell you straight up that I am actually humbled that I can. I have fast labor and deliveries and small babies. This labor was actually so easy and low on the pain scale that I can't believe it! I know that my next L&D might not be as easy, just as this one wasn't as fast as my daughter's.

From water breakage to delivery, my 2nd son got here in 6 hours and 45 minutes.

I didn't need stitches for the first time!

6 lbs, 11 ounces and 18" long at 37 weeks.


Nurturing Faith and Family said...


Mat. Emily said...

I was someone who went natural, but screamed my head off. I ended up apologizing to my doctor repeatedly and I still feel so embarrassed!

I am glad that your hubby made it in time and that it was such an easy delivery for you:)

Kate said...

Emily, I did a fair amount of screaming with my first born. My 2nd was a very painful labor as my contractions were very strong and right on top of each other. There were no breaks in between. One contraction alone opened me from 8 to 10 cm! I made a bit of noise with that one and had the funniest breathing method! It sent spit sprays out! That was embarrassing. This one, I moaned a bit and said stuff like "oh boy." LOL!!

roc6 said...

same here. I had my son at home with a midwife. It took 22hrs. for him to get here. I was in so much pain that the only thing I could manage to say was Jesus and get him out!!!! LOL! In retrospect, I too am a little embarrassed. And I'm so with ya kate with the humble part. I had a big dose of humble pie. Want to her a secret, I'll do it again in a heart beat;))))))))))))

Mimi said...

I had both of mine naturally, and similar time frames as you (4.5 hours from start to finish both times)

He's beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Mrs. D said...

I don't think your a snob at all. I say good for you.

Melissa said...

Congratulations! I'm glad it was a relatively easy labor for you and everything went well.

I think most women who have a natural birth are pretty vocal. I'm a rather quiet, introverted person, and yet I yell my head off during labor. I don't feel bad about it at all. In fact, in that much pain, I feel rather entitled to make all the noise I want to. :-)