Thursday, June 24, 2010

Delicacy of Breast Feeding

It is funny how some women, no matter what, can make milk like crazy. For me, breast feeding is a delicate matter. I dried up within 3 months after the birth of my oldest and my middle child. Yesterday once again proved that I have to be mindful and careful when it comes to my milk.

Big brother and big sister were rather disobedient and difficult and it caused me great stress. It felt like every time I put baby to breast a fight broke out...a fight bad enough to need physical intervention to tear them off each other. My milk was reduced by half and my let downs were fewer and much weaker.

So, once the older kiddos were tucked into bed, I made every effort to relax. I also nursed baby boy on demand, as I've done since he was born, and turned out from 5 pm to 9pm, he nursed every hour on the hour. Then, overnight, he nursed every 2 hours until 3:30 am when he obviously had a good, full feed and was able to sleep for 3 hours until the next feeding. I am fuller this morning. Before I went to bed, I pumped, too. I got an ounce less than I normally do, but was pleased it wasn't less.

Because I have such a difficult time keeping my milk, I'm considering researching and going on a breast-feeding conducive diet. Any ideas?


Stam House said...

fennel and cumin are good spice to help this herbal tea is very helpful

and this website have very good info too

Hope this helps


Mat. Emily said...
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Kate said...

thanks renee! So helpful!

Elisabeth Black said...

I've heard quinoa is good, but you probably know that already. Have you tried a mother's milk herbal tea? I can't remember! Bless you.

Nurturing Faith and Family said...

i tried mothers milk tea and fenugreek. i can feel with you the difficulties of nursing. sometimes i made enough, others not. latching was also a 3 month struggle with my 2nd. praying things go better for you :)