Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Adventures in Babyland

Baby boy's cord stump fell out yesterday!

My cousin and his wife had their baby yesterday morning!

She's adorable, but baby boy and I got kicked out of the maternity ward by the head nurse. Apparently, babies aren't allowed in the maternity ward. At least not the ones that weren't born there. :b

Baby boy's been sleeping most of the day and choosing his wide awake time to be in the late evening. This early-to-bed Momma is a bit sleep deprived now.

I usually correct this by co-sleeping, but baby boy is too small to co-sleep for the purpose of nursing/suckling. He's nose gets squished and he can't latch on properly in the lay-down position. So that means Mommy has to sit up with him. Not that I really mind. He's so precious to look at and it's amazing watching him grow!

A young lady from church came over with a pint of Ben and Jerry's and a helpful hand weeding the garden. We had a great time chatting and weeding until the rain drops started to fall.

I had to pile up the potatoes yesterday. Looks like I'll have a nice crop if the bugs stay out of them.

The woodchuck just about devastated the lettuce, spinach and beets.

And I better catch a shower before baby boy wakes up!

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Mrs. D said...

Be careful. After my son was born I held and looked at him so much I got a pinched nerve that to this day acts up. It's been well over 3 years since that excruciating pain began but has gotten better, praise the Lord. It was my fault. I would hold him in the same position and stare in awe for hours at a time.

I don't do well with potatoes at all. So glad yours are looking good. I just went out yesterday and pulled up my peas and planted green beans. I had used some seed from last year that didn't germinate well at all and I think the birds got to the ones that did pop up. I love, love, love fresh green beans.

Sounds like your adjusting to a new little one wonderfully. Man, he is a cutie. Just beautiful.