Monday, April 12, 2010

Walmart Waste

Last week I was in a hurry, needed groceries, had two kiddos (one heading for a nap) and knew that Target doesn't sell cedar mothballs so I went to the Walmart Super Center. I bought the groceries on my list and made my usual dinners without diverting from the recipes and we all came to the same conclusion, "Yuck!"

Today I opened the container of GV cottage cheese and took a taste. It was DISCUSTING without being rancid. I'd hate to waste it so I'm wondering if I could make some sort of cheesecake or something out of it. Otherwise it is unpalatable for lone consumption. And since when does cottage cheese need a laundry list of ingredients?!

Ok, I admit, I'm spoiled by farm foods and better quality products. But my goodness, even Aldi's cottage cheese is 100 times better than GV! It is true. Once you've had the real deal there's no going back.

The Parent's Choice diapers leak like a sieve. (I usually buy the Target ones.....yeah, I haven't been cloth diapering lately. Getting lazy as the pregnancy advances.)

The Parent's Choice baby wipes don't work in those pop-up containers.

If I'm going to buy cheap produce, I'll go to Aldi's. At least their produce is less expensive than Walmart's by far! And does Walmart really believe they can sell squished, visibly moldy strawberries for $1.50 a pound? And what's the shiny stuff all over the lemons?

And why in the world would I get my 2 year old daughter a faded, worn-looking t-shirt that has a cereal box logo on it!?

My FIL is a Walmart truck driver and he says the Walmart stores down south are LOT better than the Walmart stores where we live. Perhaps so.

I think Walmart has gone way too far with their cheapness. I'd rather pay a little more and get a much better product at other stores.


Milehimama said...

We've used PC diapers almost exclusively for over 10 years, but I noticed they changed those, too. Now I buy a different brand of generic diapers and use cloth.

It really IS obvious that they've cut so many corners. So many things I used to love just aren't that great any more.

~ Maria ~ said...

They really have changed their products drastically! I no longer shop there because of the fact that the prices are higher but the quality is not.

Aldi stores are quite good here in PA, and the produce is allright. It is where I also buy until my garden begins to produce.

Anna said...

I live in the South and won't touch the Walmart produce with a ten foot pole. All wilted, all wrapped in plastic, picked over, hard to get to in the store, just nasty! And the "fresh" produce takes up about 2% of the "grocery" space. Virtually everything is in a box. I only stop in to pick up lentils, which for some bizarre reason, my Kroger doesn't carry. And you know, Walmart's not even that cheap!

I happily pay a little extra for the gorgeous fresh things at Kroger (oh yes, their organic dairy stuff is MUCH cheaper than Walmart's), and put everything on a Kroger gift card--5% of all I spend goes straight back to my church!

Julie said...

Um.. From Florida..not much better. I started couponing recently with the hope that I NEVER have to shop at Walmart again. So far so good. :)
We NEVER buy dairy or produce from Walmart. NEVER!

Melissa said...

I have never been impressed with Walmart's food prices, so I don't buy food there. I've tried their diapers, but they leak, so I don't get them there any more. Instead, I get the store brand at Fred Meyer, a Kroger chain store. We also get organic milk at Fred Meyer. There is a grocery store in our area called Winco that I think must be somewhat like Aldi. They have good prices, so we get our everyday staples there. I get most of our produce at a produce market, because it's cheaper even than Winco. I'm excited because our local farmer's market opens up in a few weeks, and sometimes they have cheap produce that is much better quality than you'd find in a store.

By the way, it is SUPER hard to find cottage cheese without a bunch of nasty preservatives and other ingredients. I am fortunate to live in an area with lots of Trader Joes stores (yay, cheap health food), and they do have good-quality (no gross stuff) cottage cheese for about $3/quart. If I didn't have that, I just wouldn't buy cottage cheese unless I could find organic c.c. on sale somewhere.

Melissa said...

And, oh yeah, I used to cloth diaper exclusively, but my back hurts so much this pregnancy that I want to spend as little time as possible bending over changing diapers, so I've switched to disposables. They're so easy. Now I'm spoiled, and I'm not sure I want to go back to cloth. I still use cloth wipes (washcloths), though, because in my opinion, disposable wipes just don't accomplish takes about 20 to handle the big jobs!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Hear, hear! I'm a big fan of Target diapers too. :) I rarely go to Walmart except very rarely when I need to pick up things that only they have. My local grocery store's prices are similar, and the quality is far better.