Saturday, April 03, 2010

Lemon Water and Ostrich Ferns

I had read somewhere that lemon water is good for easing heartburn, but I just brushed it off. After all, I have a big container of fruit flavored tums to put the fire out during pregnancy. Then, I started getting sick in that I was sick of plain water and the tums were making me terribly nauseous-I mean viciously nauseous! So, I started drinking lemon water and fully expected the citrus to aggravate the heartburn I experience every pregnancy (and yes, I do give birth to children with full heads of hair). After all, orange juice brought on the burn. The opposite occured. I could eat nearly anything I normally would and not experience heartburn! So, the tums lay untouched and I am now a believer in lemon water. One glass every other day (and carefully not overdoing it and sleeping properly) have nearly completely eliminated my heartburn! This is especially comforting because of sugar issues I'm having during this pregnancy I have to eat before I go to bed or else I awaken in the middle of the night feeling ill and unable to sleep. However, eating before bed was a sure trigger of heartburn but the tums left me feeling sick anyway and left a terrible morning breath taste in my mouth that was bad enough to waken me. Lemon water is my miracle cure!

Today, arriving in the mail, was a box containing 11 (I ordered 10!) ostrich fern plants. Ostrich ferns are gorgeously tall ferns that create edible fiddleheads in their baby stages every Spring. Last year hubby and I discussed a location in our yard for a nice shade garden. By rule with a yard as small as ours if I plant anything, I tend to plant edibles. But what shade plants produce edibles? Ostrich ferns are one!

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Stephanie said...

I have been having the most horrible heartburn of any of my pregnancies so far...I often drink water with lemon though, just because I like it :-) What I have found to be helpful for me is to eat small meals high in protein (starchy carby sugary foods tend to aggravate my heartburn) and 1/2 cup of plain whole milk yogurt right before bed :-)