Thursday, April 08, 2010


When I was a young girl we had chickens and I always thought it was funny how cross the brooding hens looked.

Today, I am pregnant and feeling just a broody as those hens. I'm trying not to let my brooding state affect me so but it seems I can't help it. After a few days of heavy activity, perhaps the brooding is a way to get me to just relax. I just hate that downer feeling! I've been singing hymns and trying to pray (my brain is all mushy and I'm having a hard time focusing) but I'm really just chalking it up to one of those pregnant moods.

At least it is nice out today and I took the kiddos outside to play and enjoy the sun and warmth. As a treat, we got to see the neighbor and his granddaughter driving their pony around the field! There are so many benefits to living in the country!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful how the Lord gives us these kind of times for us to just relax?

When I was pregnant with all three of my children, brooding times occurred quite often. But I took that time to do some crafting and just enjoyed the time I was given.

The boys played around me and I truly enjoyed it. Now they are 15, 12 and my daughter 11. And I remember those times quite fondly.

So just relax, it is a mood that comes from the changes in your body placed there by HIM.

ps: I was reading your past post and came accross the picture of your dog. Is she a Stafford Terrier or pitbull? My dogs has the same markings :)

It was a joy stopping.

May Our Lord bless you and keep you,


Milehimama said...

I totally understand, I just never had a word for it... broody. Perfect. The last month of pregnancy can make you (and everyone around you) crazy as you swing from broody to nesting and back again!

Thanks for your comment on my blog!