Thursday, March 18, 2010

Welcome Early Spring!

The first crocuses of the year! My son wanted to pick them for Daddy so I had to explain to him that they need to stay in the ground. I assured him that soon enough there will be dandelions for him to pick.

You probably can't see it very well because of the strange orange haze I didn't realize appeared on the camera, but this corner of our property is going to be our shade garden. Since we don't have acreage, I like to make the most of my plantings and plant things that are edible as well as pretty. So, what's edible that grows in the shade? I'm thinking fiddleheads! There's also plenty of room for bleeding hearts, trillium, periwinkle and other dainty shade lovers.

The matting of tree debris my son and I raked up in the future shade garden was at least 6" thick! He gave up helping me after his little rake broke and tried his hand at the tricycle for the first time this year.

Both kiddos were so happy the snow finally melted off the sand pile, but daughter was the one who really got into it! I'm so glad it occupies her that I don't mind the sandy mess she becomes.

While the kiddos enjoyed the sand pile, I could keep an eye on them while I mucked out a winter's worth of doggy poo out of the dog kennel. It was one of those winters where the weather never cooperated enough for the kennel to be cleaned regularly. What a nice surprise to rack back some old weeds at the edge of the kennel and find strawberries growing! After 3 wheelbarrow loads of bedding, poo and weeds were removed from the kennel, I put down a fresh layer of straw bedding throughout and swept off the concrete pad our dog just LOVES to sun herself on. Now that the weather is warmer and sunny, she's actually spending time outdoors rather than moping about indoors.

Daughter thinks she can drive the 4-wheeler now! Brother's riding shotgun.

Here's that shelf my son and I were painting. I hung it up for him and he had so much fun putting his stuff on it. Yeah, it looks a little crooked in the picture, but it's actually level. I had to take this far-away shot because I'm so proud of this toddler bunk bed my brother made for the kiddos!
Here he is organizing his "John Deere" shelf. Love it!

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Julie said...

That bunkbed IS too cool! Your brother is a master. Adrian and Jonathan love having shelves to store their treasures on.
Adrian keeps his teeball trophy on one. He calls it his Piston Cup. LOL