Saturday, March 06, 2010

Investing In Your Children Project

Eden String Quartet: A Bountiful Blessing arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I popped it into the DVD player as soon as I could and really enjoyed it. I'm a sucker for string quartets anyway. However, as the individual daughters and their parents took turns before the camera, one of the daughters said something that really struck a chord in me. She talked about how her parents "really invested" in them.

Of course I don't ignore my children, but I admit that often times it is just easier to plop them in front of the "electronic babysitter" and get the chores done. I really do want to invest in my children. I want to invest my love, my time, my talents and the knowledge and wisdom God gave me in my children. I want to invest in their unique characters, traits, personalities, talents and interests. I want to cultivate more than just mess making playtime and the latest Thomas the Tank Engine DVD.

This is a challenge for me because I've always been the leave-me-alone type. I like quiet, peaceful moments alone. I like getting a chore done in one fell swoop rather than being interrupted and doing them in spurts. The noise and activity of childhood can over stimulate me and I just get frustrated and need a moment's peace.

However, I love my children more than my own little preferences and I can still invest in them and take those moments for myself. In fact, I hypothesize that in investing more in them, taking those me-moments will be easier, more peaceful and better deserved. :b

So, I'm starting the "Investing In Your Children Project." Starting tomorrow, I will take 1 day a week where I spend the day in total investment of my children and I'll post what I've done on this blog. I'm not sure when my first day will be. Probably mid-week.

I'm looking forward to this!

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fallenstar80 said...

I did this today. I let my son hang out with me when I was cleaning the kitchen then when I was cooking dinner. My 15 month old son has now developed a fascination with the broom. Thank you for the reminder to let our children be with us.