Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Time Flies Though Winter Creeps

Is this print gorgeous!? Do you know how hard it is to find a lovely, feminine and modest picture of a pregnant woman? This one is called "Pregnant Woman By a Lake" by Daniel Eskridge.

I cannot believe I am 5 months pregnant already! Time is flying with this pregnancy, which I am glad for. I am getting more and more eager to hold my little baby boy. I'm also desiring to be done with such an uncomfortable pregnancy. Yeah, I'm whining a bit. :) I can't sleep on my back anymore. I did two nights ago and ended up nearly passing out from low blood pressure in the morning. I have to sleep on my side, which despite efforts with pillows all around is terribly uncomfortable for me. I'd much rather sleep on my back.

It'll be over before I know it. Soon I'll be carefully washing and folding tiny baby frocks, packing a bag for the hospital, and before I know it I'll be bringing home a tiny newborn.

As usual, winter always seems to take forever to end. I think it's the gloom. February and March are known for their gloom. The heavy, low clouds block out much of the sunshine and despite warmer temperatures, we feel tired and even irritable. Get a sunny day in March and the whole world seems to smile!

At least the snow finally stopped falling. It had been snowing here for nearly a whole week straight!

I am glad it is March. Reluctantly bringing us Spring is the month of March, but it is also Sugaring Off! Soon, very soon, real maple syrup will be poured into glass jars and bottles, sweet and divine.

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deskridge said...

I'd like to thank you for features one of my art works on your blog. That one was created to commemorate my wife's first pregnancy. She's pregnant again, and I've made a new image for this one. I haven't put it up on my personal site just yet, but you can view it on Deviant art here.

Daniel Eskridge