Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cottage or Castle?

Back and forth I go in my thoughts. The other day I received in the mail an issue of Natural Home magazine. In it is an article about a lady who built a 280 square foot house that she currently lives in. After reading the article, I felt like we could quite easily maintain living in our 880 square foot cottage. Just a little tweaking here and there to accommodate our growing family and we'd be fine. I do love our little cottage and I don't mind (too much) the confining spaces. I love how it is easy to clean (though very easy to mess up, too) and forces me to not accumulate too much stuff. I also love how it is easy to keep an eye on my wee ones. I'm rarely ever just a few steps away from them. A small house also forces us out doors and we enjoy the elbow room of the spacious farm fields, woods and our own backyard.

From time to time, though, it is apparent that a little more square footage would be greatly appreciated. Bumping into furniture gets old quickly. Lack of privacy and a quiet study space is challenging. The children's room is getting small FAST. There's no way they'll fit once they grow out of crib mattresses and need twin-sized beds.

So, the question pops up, should we add on or move out? As far as our neighborhood is concerned I want to stay. I LOVE our neighborhood. I LOVE where we live. And I do like our little house. I don't really mind the idea of sticking with this little cottage and adding a second floor. Despite doubling the square footage, the house will still seem small, I think, which doesn't bother me, especially since we'll probably stay until our deaths (should the Lord tarry) and who wants a giant house to care for in their elderly years?

I think with a little ingenuity and a lot of prayer for wisdom, I can feather this little nest in such a way as to expand the little spaces that we have. I am in prayer for an addition, though (and the vacant woods next door).

My God shall supply all our needs.


Stephanie said...

We recently moved from a 4 bedroom2,000 sq. ft. home to a 2 bedroom 1,000 sq. ft. cottage and I definitely prefer the cottage! It's WAY LESS to clean, and I too love the fact that it forces us all outdoors when the weather is nice. When this latest baby is born all 4 of them will be in the same bedroom and we'll be buying the 2 oldest boys a bunk bed. The main issue with our small house is that my husband and I don't have a bedroom because the 2nd bedroom is needed for running our E-Bay business, instead we sleep on the foldout mattress from the sleeper couch...I didn't think I would like it at first but now I wouldn't have it any other way. It's not like our bedrooom was ever used much anyways, except at night and to store clothes.

Rhonda said...

I love this blog of yours!
I have benn so restless about wanting to move from our little cottage. Having another baby, to me, it seems like we are so cramped in this space. I have been wanting to move into a bigger home. But after reading this, and the first comment of "Stephanie", I think I just need to sit back, regroup, and make a plan to declutter, and make this cottage work for us. Thank-you I needed to open my eyes wider to the big picture! :O)