Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Health and Well-Being

This is going to be a random post of various thoughts on health and well-being. You see, I'm sick again. I've lost count of how many colds I've had this year. Bronchitis twice. I'm sick of being sick. So, I'm looking into why I'm getting sick and how to rebuild my immune system. Here are my thoughts:

1. Reduce stress by prioritizing better and not getting bent out of shape if things don't go as planned. No one says I have to do this or do that right now. I can say no. I can put some things off. (Some things I can't.)

2. Cut out refined sugar. This is going to be hard because I love a good cookie, pie, cake or pastry. However, my body does NOT handle sugar well. Despite coming up negative on diabetic and glycemic tests, I do NOT handle sugar well. I get dizzy, I feel dehydrated and thirsty, I crash hard and I get kinda mean. I notice the link more because if my son has too many fruit snacks (which I used to dole out liberally and some family members love giving him) he becomes very whiny, impatient, throws tantrums and generally doesn't act like himself.

3. Amp up the veg. I need more power-house foods, but foods that are easy on the system to digest. Veg and broth, I think. I plan on cutting back on heavier or altered carbs and keeping my dairy intake in check. I don't really believe in eliminating something from my diet (ie...becoming vegetarian or diary-free). I believe in a healthy balance.

4. Echinacea! Garlic! What else is a natural immune-boosting product?

5. I think I might try a different water, too. I drink my tap water which goes through a water softener. Salt. My parents have great water. I think I'll go fill up there.

6. Play with my children. Not only does it help them behave better, but there's a great stress relief in kneading play-doh and coloring or tossing a ball around.

7. Exercise. Nothing too rigorous. But movement is good.

8. Sleep. If I have to give up a favorite TV show or some internet time or even start my day later, it's imparitive that I have enough sleep.

9. Learning to just enjoy things rather than stressing out about getting it done.

10. Learning to ask for and accept help rather than stressing about putting someone out and needing to do it myself.

11. Eliminate stress-triggers such as loud music/TV, political talk shows, newspapers, action movies, etc.

Do you see how many times I listed stress? I think this is key. I can say "no." I can leave early. I can skip out. It's not selfish to do what you need to do to stay healthy.

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Country Mouse said...

About a year ago, I cut TV from my diet. I say diet because I realize now it was making me unhealthy. I will still watch the occasional program, if it is offered online, but we completely did away with all our "channels." no more surfing, no more procrastinating. My stress levels have gone down sooo much, and I find more time to do things in the day.

I hope you feel better soon! Life with little's can be so hard when we're sick!