Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day, Beep Beep

Our daughter just adores her Daddy. Daddy just got home from work in this picture and she wouldn't stop hugging him. :)

For Father's Day I took hubby to the Wildlife Museum and then out to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants on Saturday. He was quite pleased. Sunday, we all went to church where we heard a VERY good sermon on Biblical Fatherhood/Manhood and then we went to visit hubby's daddy who we haven't seen in a dog's age due to conflicting work schedules.

Beep Beep! I have Road Runner now! The local cable company had a 1 year deal and we were able to get Road Runner Lite and Digital Phone for less than what I'm paying for local phone and dial-up! I can speed through the internet now and get things done a lot more quickly. I can visit blogs I've been avoiding because they would take forever to load. I can finally download the many pictures I have stored on my computer to Walmart.com photo center and get hard copies done!! Woo hooooo!!! This is an answer to prayer.

My next big prayers of faith are for a new mattress (our current one is so bad I can barely move when I get up in the morning and often have to sleep either on the sofa or on the window seat in the porch) and a truck for hubby. His current one is too small for our family and really old and is driven every day with prayers that she'll continue. Due to the type of job he does and where we live, hubby needs a truck as opposed to a van or car. Now we just wait for God's timing.

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