Friday, June 19, 2009

Enjoying June

Between raindrops I took the children for a walk today. We enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells of a beautiful, overcast June day. We smelled the farm, peonies, damp earth and this ground cover weed that brings me back to my childhood summer days. We heard frogs, birds and water flowing down a nearby creek. We saw chipmunks, our neighbor, and a beautiful, well-kept piece of property that thrust me into sweet daydreams and new inspirations.

A second break in the rain urged me outside to my own little garden where I harvested plump turnips and chamomile:

Currently, I am looking for a local farm that sells strawberries for a good price. I want to get 5-10 lbs to eat with abandon and preserve.
Today, I also tidied up my kitchen. Kitchens are such easy places to get cluttered up with this and that so I went through and put away all things that didn't belong. Now I have plenty of counterspace and the whole room doesn't look cluttered and unkempt.
Hubby surprised me today with a gift certificate to a day spa and he ordered out Chinese for dinner. I didn't have to cook! What a perfect ending to a much-needed relaxing day. I feel refreshed.


Bethgem said...

Sorry you're sick again, Kate. I think you know how much I like GSE, right?

Your chamomile flowers are gorgeous.

Kate said...

Thanks for reminding me about the GSE! I'll have to find some when I go shopping this week.