Thursday, November 20, 2008

Reading Nook, Why Buy Toys?

Hubby cleaned out his stuff from the closet in the nursery, so I moved Baby Girl's dresser into the closet. This left a space in the nursery for a the next baby's cradle. (No, that's not a hint. I'm not preggers...yet.) To fill that space, I took the next baby's little dresser and put a lamp I got for $1.00 at a garage sale earlier this year on it. Then, I took my lady's arm chair out of the living room where it somehow became a magazine rack and put it in the empty corner. Now, I have a cozy space in the nursery where I can read books to my babies. Bubby loves it and he's not one to sit still through a book!

Out in the living room, I set up Baby Girl's pack-n-play so she has a safe place to wiggle and have tummy time without worrying about a 45 pound dog running her over or a big brother playing too roughly. (And mommy doesn't have to worry about any of big brother's toys finding their into her hands.) Bubby hated his pack-n-play, but Baby Girl is quite happy with hers.

I've admitted it. We buy toys because we want them, not because our children want them. Bubby has toys galore! Between aunts, uncles, cousins, grand-parents, garage sales and our wide circle of friends, we have a fair amount of toys for Bubby to play with. Less than most other families I've seen, but still quite a bit. The problem is, Bubby's gotten bored with many of his toys. So, I took a priority mail box, turned it inside out and cut out various doorways and labeled them (fire station, ambulance, hardware store, grocery store, auto mechanic, etc). I took masking tape and taped out roadways and parking lots on our living room rug. (Never mind that we had bought Bubby a rug that already has roads on it). He spent 2 hours playing with that box and taped roads!!

Everyone keeps asking me what they can get Baby Girl for Christmas. I have no clue. She doesn't need clothing (I can thank 2 older cousins, and a distant relative with a hobby of going to thrift stores for that). What toys could a 6 month old possibly need that Bubby hadn't already received? I'm at a loss as to what to tell them.


prayzgod said...

You won an award:

Keri said...

You answered it in the first part of your post - BOOKS!

My uncle bought me a gold chain when I was a baby and then bought me a pearl for each Christmas or birthday, so that eventually I would have a pearl necklace. You could suggest that tradition to someone.