Monday, November 17, 2008

Great Basement Clean-out / The Bible and Green

My wonderful, fantastic, handy, handsome hubby put in heating in the basement. He also did some major cleaning. The basement is warm, dry, smells so much better and there's space!! It is slowly turning into a livable, usable space, which is important to us because our house is so small.

I read a question on another website about what the Biblical basis is for going "green." I found this odd because do we really need a Biblical basis for every tiny little thing we do in our lives? Is there a Biblical basis for playing volleyball, going fishing for pleasure, watching a Jane Austen movie, or planting a flower garden? Of course, what we do as Christians should reflect our walk with Christ.

But, is there a Biblical basis for going "green?" In a round-about way, perhaps there is. After all, God made us stewards of His creation. A steward takes good care of his charge. Taking care of the environment by living more "green" certainly is good stewardship of the earth God gave us. Also, our bodies are temples. We are to take care of them. Going green can help our bodies. We are also to be good stewards of the blessings God gives us (monetary, material, real estate, etc). Being green is often a great way to save money and make good, full use of the things we have and the things we purchase.

Have you ever read the Old Testament laws God gave the Israelites about cleanliness, etc? They lived very "green."

As a warning, though, I don't believe we as Christians should jump on the "environmentalist" band wagon because I believe environmentalism is a type of "religion" and that band wagon is heading over a cliff. After all, many leading environmentalists believe humans are bad for the earth. On woman aborted her baby and got sterilized because she believes children are bad for the environment. Many environmentalists hold animals in higher regard than humans. Going "green" shouldn't consume every inch of us. However, we should be good stewards of the earth God gave us.


scherrj said...

Oh I completely agree with you here. My 16 year old son and I had the exact same conversation not more than a couple of months ago. He accused me of "going green" but I exaplined to him that I have actually embrassed more the idea of being a good steward of what God has made. I think he understood whaty I was trying to say. I am so glad that there are others out there who see the "green" issue the same as I.

Love your blog, check it out everyday. Thanks!!

KitKat said...

Very well said!