Friday, November 07, 2008

A Little Bit of Everything

November hasn't meant an ease-up in our difficulties, but we're happily plugging away.

I've been working out every day this week. It's already paid off. I can get my engagement ring back on! That's no small feat. I was 105 lbs when I got engaged. I was skinny! Granted, I'm not 105 lbs now. Add about 30 lbs to that and you've got me. :) I also feel stronger and more flexible. I'm actually amazed at how strong I've gotten just in this past year and just in these past 2 months! Even hubby has squeezed my bicepts and said that I'm getting "ripped." Tee hee. It's all that baby lifting! It isn't uncommon for me to have an infant on one hip and a 2 year old on the other! own personal gym. Anyhoo, I've been doing The Firm, Yoga and Pilates (I recommend Denise Austin as she doesn't get into the religious part of Yoga), and my own strength training. Some times I'll mix it up with step aerobics, my pregnancy workout (no, I'm not preggers, but I find it fun to do) or I'll go for a mommy-power walk (that's a power work with kiddos in a double much easier now that they finally repaved my road!).

I found a recipe for baked parsnip french fries! I want to try it. I tried baked sweet potato fries and they just shriveled into nothing. Bubby has decided that all vegetables are "yucky" and he won't eat them. If a veggie does happen to enter his mouth, he literally starts to gag and heave. We're working on that. We had a break-through this afternoon when he actually took a few bites of a carrot stick and ate some of his corn on the cob. Oh, he does adore black olives and will eat them until he turns into one! Otherwise, on his food pyramid ketchup and pickles count as veggies. Potatoes will occasionally pass over his tastebuds if they're in the form of reconstituted dried processed mashes potatoes or home-made baked french fries or if he's really hungry, he'll eat a boiled potato or two.

I don't get it because I followed all the "rules" to ensure a non-picky eater and a veggie eater at that. He used to wolf down whatever was placed in front of him and he adored steamed mixed veggies, green beans, etc.

Our basement is so close to finally being heated! I went through every single box of baby clothes and was able to consolodate and organize. Now, I'm working on my pantry. I've been really careful with my grocery budget and working towards stocking up for the winter. It is only by the grace of God that I can feed my family, put gas in my car, buy formula and still have enough money for a few stock up items for only $100.00 a week!

My fishtank still sits unsold. Please pray that we sell it soon.

Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving? I am. I'm on mashed potato duty and green beans with cracker crumbs duty. I'm thinking of making a cake because Thanksgiving Day is Baby Girl's 6 month birthday! Although, who wants cake when there is pumpkin pie and my mom's famous crumb top apple pie!


prayzgod said...

Wow girl, what height are you? I haven't been under 125 pounds since puberty, but that's the lowest end for my BMI range. I'm 5 foot 5, so my BMI comfortably ranges from about 125-150. I tend to always be about right in the middle.

I LOVE the Firm, as you know. That Fanny Lifter is the only thing that has ever gotten rid of my saddle bags. I have such nice legs, toned abdomen, and some nice muscle definition in my arms - thanks to the Firm. Good stuff. :-)

VictoriousMommy said...

Hello! I was wondering....would you mind to stop by my blog and let me know your thoughts on preparing for the upcoming "second great depression".I am like you...I am frightened and want to prepare.I also know that it must happen to birth the return of our beloved savior.
Hubby and I have a bit of a decision to make. Currently we live in a small brick ranch we purchased about three years ago. We have finally finished updating this home and it is sound and ready for the winter and is finally all updated with current electric, new heat/air pump, new hot water heater, new windows, etc. But it is only only.5 acre and is right on the interstate...I mean the exit ramp is as stone's throw from my back yard. It hasn't bothered me none since we are in a small KY town. But with the inevitable coming of the second great depression I fear for the safety of my family. We have recently found an older farm house that has been recently restored that is on five acres and is way off the main road. We made an offer and it was accepted. But we are uncertain as to proceed. We know what we have here in this home and to up and leave it...well are we saying that we don't trust God to protect us where we are?